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Date/Time: 11-21-2017 15:17:46
Kyle Blevins


I used to think the word artist was a title you couldn't give to yourself. Too many people gave themselves that title when it was really a rank you had to earn and prove you deserved. It had to be bestowed on you by others.

Now I'm not sure what I think. I create work because it makes me happy. It helps me know myself. It creates a dialog, not only with myself but with other people as they view it.

Sometimes I think that that nonverbal communication can be very importantů quite priceless. It creates a different language that denies the vocabulary of words, but is instead about the visual decisions we make everyday in our own lives.

I chose to become a photographer because I saw things in frames, broke things down visually into squares, into rectangles, into two-dimensional compositions.

The expediency of a camera documents those visuals.